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    Sep 2011

    AU pair seeking family in Norway

    Hi dear Host family i am mary joy suero a trained care giver looking for aa aupair job. I am currently working in Denmark taking care of 2 boys ages 5 and 9, where the eldest boy have ADHD so i am used to taking care of kids with a lot of energy. I maintain the house daily and am willing to learn to cook different dishes.

    My Visa at my current family ends on December 10 and am available from Dec. 2 2011. I would like to be part of another family and experience another culture beside Denmark.

    If you are interested in knowing me better you can contact me at "maryjoysuero" ( my email is my full name and a yahoo account ) or 5-1-9-3-8-4-7-0. And my current host family are willing to give me a good recomendation regarding my part of their family.

    Looking forward to talk to you
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